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I enjoy helping couples find the words for each other that will make their ceremony unique to them. I do extensive research into the type of ceremony they desire, i.e. Celtic, Druid, Native American, Traditional, LGBTQ, Christian, Non-Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Wiccan, Pagan, Unity Sand Ceremony, Rose Ceremonies and more. I strive to make those few moments of vocal commitment hold meaning that will last a lifetime and beyond.

My Paternal Great-Grandmother was of the Sac and Fox Nation. More specifically, born of the Meshwaki tribe on a reservation in Tama, Iowa. I have been gifted with four Animal Spirit Guides thus far. The Hawk, who offers me the gift of observance, strength, wisdom, illumination and courage. The Stag, whose gifts bring me the ability to listen and learn with grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance. The Wolf, who honors me with guidance in dreams and meditations, instinctual intelligence and steadfastness. The Dolphin who is my water element, graces me with balance, harmony, wisdom, trust, freedom and the skill of communication.

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Great Father - where you send me I will go. For those that need me, I shall be there. I shall touch those that need to be touched and hold those that need to be held. And in joyous love and celebration, I shall join those that wish to be joined according to your desire. ~ Rev. Ami


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